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Monoclonal Antibody to ß-Amyloid -60000000000 | 148-SIG-39320-0200

  • Produced recombinantly (animal-free) for high batch-to-batch consistency and long term security of supply
  • Rabbit monoclonal [mOC64] to beta Amyloid
  • Suitable for: IHC-FrFl, Dot blot, IHC-P
  • Reacts with: Mouse, Rat, Human

This antibody was developed as part of a collaboration between Abcam and Professor Charles Glabe, UC Irvine.

mOC64 immunoreactivity maps to residues 3-6 (EFRH) of Aß. It does not recognize pyproglytaminylated Aß at position 3 (Aß3(pE)–42) (Nussbaum et al. 2012;Hatami et al. 2014).

For further information on the immunogen, please refer to Hatami et al. 2014 and Kayed et al. 2007.

This product is a recombinant monoclonal antibody, which offers several advantages including:

  • - High batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility
  • - Improved sensitivity and specificity
  • - Long-term security of supply
  • - Animal-free production

General notes

Our RabMAb® technology is a patented hybridoma-based technology for making rabbit monoclonal antibodies. For details on our patents, please refer to RabMAb® patents.

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Additional Information

100 µL
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