Volume 5 number 1

Feature articles


Emma's cookies

Elisabeth Strömberg


As most of you know we celebrate the birth of Charles Darwin this year. He was born 200 years ago on February 12th. His book "On the origin of species" was published 1859, i.e. 150 years ago. Perhaps it would be nice to celebrate Darwin yourself? Why not use a pair of recipes from the recipe book of his wife, Emma Darwin. 

How mussels can improve coastal water quality

Mussel farming – A way to combat eutrophication

Odd Lindahl and Sven Kollberg


Many coastal areas are affected by eutrophication caused by leakage of nutrients from agriculture and sewage. Blue mussels, Mytilus edulis, cannot simply harvest the nutrients, but are also a valuable source of seafood, fodder and fertilizer. In the town of Lysekil on the Swedish west-coast, mussel farms are used as a tool in nutrient trading schemes.

Practical protocols

Comparative fish dissection


Relationship between diet and selected features of digestive tract anatomy

Maciej Węsierski

I’m a worm, get me out of here

Natural selection of spaghetti ‘worms


Dean Madden for the Wellcome Trust

Sexual selection in brine shrimps Artemia


Practical investigations using Artemia fransicana


Stephen P. Tomkins and Leighton Dann for the Wellcome Trust