Volume 3 Number 1

Current news

Avian flu WHO (UN World Health Organisation)

Modified by Elisabeth Strömberg

The article was updated 2006-04-10

In newspapers and from the radio you sometimes can hear that we soon can expect influenza pandemic

Feature articles

Amphioxus - the little fish of medical doctors

Ragnar Fänge


Practical protocols

Role-playing Simulations

Christopher Atkinson

A brief description of role playing:

All too often, school students who are politically and ethically “aware” rush into opinions. The majority have liberal, idealistic and generous views – this is refreshing in our world of “Realpolitik”. But they often fall short in their knowledge of the “facts of the case”. And all too often, they are dismissive of the opinions of others. ..

Influenza virus bioinformatics

Henrik Brändén

Influenza viruses are grouped in different strains ac-cording to the variants of their two major surface pro-teins, hemagluttinin (HA) and neuroaminidase (NA). The different strains therefore carry names as H5N1 or H4N2.