About the journal

The journal publishes four main types of article:

  • general review features;
  • practical laboratory exercises;
  • other classroom activities (such as role plays);
  • educational resource and equipment reviews.

Please note that the journal does not accept educational research papers. Authors wishing to publish such material are advised to consider submission to the Journal of Biological Education.


Some of the material presented in Bioscience Explained is produced within the framework of Volvox, a project supported by the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission.

Volvox is a group of teachers, scientists and experts, who wish to share ideas about teaching modern biology. By sharing, we wish to avoid "re-inventing the wheel" and to provide access to the best materials in Europe, that are stimulating and interesting for students and their teachers. We hope that the resources will provide users a broader international perspective, and encourage change in biology teaching. Ultimately, we hope, this will lead to more people becoming scientists and taking an informed interest in science.

The copyright terms for the Volvox material and the symbols used can be found here

Bioscience Explained is currently sponsored by AstraZeneca, and Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish Research Council).


Bioscience Explained is produced jointly by the universities of Göteborg (Sweden) and Reading (United Kingdom). The Journal is edited by Dr Elisabeth Strömberg (Editor), Margareta Wallin (Deputy editor) and Stefan Nilsson (Production editor), all at University of Gothenburg.

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