Volume 4 Number 2

Feature articles


Leaky intestine

Frida Fåk


Leaky intestine: involved in developing illnesses? New experiments show that the gut leakage occurs in several different diseases. This leaking seems to have appeared even before the disease has arisen.


Intelligent Design – The theory that doesn’t exist


Lars Johan Erkell


For a long time, biologists have had the theory of evolution as their scientific tool. And this is no coincidence – it has proven remarkably useful in understanding everything from fossil series to nucleotide sequences. Today, this theory is considered one of the great, established scientific theories

Bioetanol and Green Energy


Hans Sejr Olsen, Lise Rosgaard, Katja Salomon Johansen, Ulrika Schagerlöf och Svend G. Kaasgaard


Practical protocols

Cell world


Several animated cell functions. Follow the link:


Tracking evolution


A board game by Grzegorz Papaj, with illustrations by Jacek Lilpop