Volume 2 Number 2

Current news


Nobel Prize for mapping the sense of smell


Peter Örn

Feature articles

Laura Parducci och Keith Bennett


Ancient DNA research may be defined broadly as the study of DNA isolated from fossil plant or animal remains. Read the article

Marine biofouling - a sticky problem


Lena Mårtensson

Within the sea, a hard solif surface is something rare and therefore very attractive to a wide range of organisms that need something to adhere to.

The chemistry of love


Ernst Nyström


Some is known about animals - what is true for humans?



DNA Interactive DVD


Dolan DNA Learning Center (2003)

 Recension av Dean Madden: This BAFTA-award-winning yet inexpensive educational DVD contains numerous short interviews with scientists, many of them Nobel laureates, who have played a key role or continue to work principally in human molecular biology.