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Bioscience Explained is an online journal for modern life sciences. Life sciences are developing very fast, e.g. thanks to new gene and protein technologies and the need for in-service training for teachers is very great. The journal's main target group is teachers who teach children and young people in science subjects, but it can also be used for e.g. project work. There are also materials suitable for the first year at the university.

Bioscience Explained is open for publication of material from researchers and teachers from both universities and schools. All material published is reviewed and tested. The journal is an arena for research information in areas of interest for the school, but also for the school's teachers who get an opportunity to publish laboratory work and other good teaching ideas so that they can be spread to more schools.

The magazine publishes four main types of articles:

* Overview articles;
* Laboratory work;
* Other classroom activities (eg role-playing);
* Evaluations and tests of teaching materials and equipment.
The magazine also occasionally publishes:

* Articles with the historical content of science;
The journal does not publish scientific research articles in the education sector. Authors who wish to publish such articles can, for example, turn to the Journal of Biological Education.


Bioscience Explained is currently sponsored by AstraZeneca, the Swedish National Agency for Education, and the Swedish Research Council.


Bioscience Explained is jointly produced by the universities of Gothenburg (Sweden) and Reading (UK). Dr. Elisabeth Strömberg from the Natural Science Resource Center in Gothenburg is the responsible publisher. Stefan Nilsson (also University of Gothenburg) is responsible for web design and technical production.

The original design of the PDF document for this website was made by Nadja Guggi, Phil Reid, and Jane Skivington at the University of Reading, UK.