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Cholera Toxin Antibody (B subunit) | 544-MBS835672

Species Reactivity Bacteria

Published species Bacteria

Host/Isotype Rabbit / IgG

Class Polyclonal

Type Antibody

Immunogen Purified Choleragenoid.

Conjugate HRP

Form Liquid

Concentration 1 mg/mL

Purification purified

Storage buffer PBS, pH 7.2, with 1% BSA

Contains 0.002% thimerosal

Storage conditions 4°C or -20°C if preferred

RRID AB_929896

Product Specific Information

PA1-85293 is specific for the beta subunit of Cholera toxin in bacterial samples.

This product has an Enzyme: Protein (Molar Ratio) of 2-3.

Rabbit anti cholera toxin beta antibody recognizes the beta subunit of cholera toxin.

Target Information

Cholera toxin (sometimes abbreviated to CTX, Ctx, or CT) is a protein complex secreted by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. CTX is the causative agent of cholera infection. The alpha subunit contains two chains, A1 and A2, linked by a disulfide bridge. The alpha subunit activates the adenylate cyclase enzyme in cells of the intestinal mucosa leading to increased levels of intracellular cAMP.

The beta subunit of cholera toxin binds to a GM1-ganglioside receptor which is widely accepted to initiate toxin action by triggering uptake and delivery of the toxin alpha subunit into cells. The holotoxin consists of a pentameric ring of beta subunits whose central pore is occupied by the alpha subunit.

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Additional Information

100 µg
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