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Anti-Circumsporozite | 15-CSPF11-S

The circumsporozoite protein (CSP) is the major surface protein of malaria sporozoites (SPZs), the motile and invasive parasite stage inoculated in the host skin by infected mosquitoes.

Antibodies against the central CSP repeats of different plasmodial species are known to block SPZ infectivity1-5, but the precise mechanism by which these effectors operate is not completely understood.

Here, using a rodent Plasmodium yoelii malaria model, we show that sterile protection mediated by anti-P. yoelii CSP humoral immunity depends on the parasite inoculation into the host skin, where antibodies inhibit motility and kill P. yoelii SPZs via a characteristic 'dotty death' phenotype.

Passive transfer of an anti-repeat monoclonal antibody (mAb) recapitulates the skin inoculation-dependent protection, in a complement- and Fc receptor γ-independent manner. 

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